What are the universal features in the ten sites I studied?

My content analysis of 10 school library websites identified by a Delphi panel as representing effective practice, revealed a great number of possible features and characteristics. By consensus, the panel also helped me develop the rather lengthy taxonomies and coding forms of my study. These are the features and characteristic summarized in this WebQuest.

But which features were the most common represented in my small study of effective practice?
  • The features, present in all 10 sites in the sample were– OPACs, databases, search tools, reference, documentation, and contact information.
  • Nine of the sample sites included links to other OPACs, links to news sources, online book discussions, library hours and staff information.
  • Eight of the sites offered instructions for remote access; links to dictionaries, biographical and geographical reference tools; links to local and international news; pathfinders; and mission statements.

These four tables that describe features present on six or more of the ten sites in the sample: